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Vereinigte Bühnen Wien and its staff and artists have been supporting initiatives to help people in emergency situations for years, organizing fundraisers and benefit events - whether for help with the flood disaster in Austria, the earthquake in Haiti, the nuclear accident in Fukushima or for AIDS relief. The current pictures and reports of refugees seeking protection and safety in Europe are touching and raise the questions: How can we help, what can we do? VBW tries to support and to join forces in order to achieve more together. We took this thought as an opportunity to launch the association "VBW helps people in emergency situations" in the fall of 2015.


With "VBW hilft" we were able to provide a refugee family of four from Syria with one of the theater apartments and covered all the costs for it.

The man was also able to be employed by VBW. It was nice to make a concrete contribution not only to acute help in an emergency situation, but also to integration.

Since the COVID pandemic, we have been collecting donations for artists in financial distress through VBW hilft, in order to provide quick and unbureaucratic help to those who have been hit particularly hard by cancelled performances and short-time work. Many of our visitors supported us not only with their generous donations, but also by waiving the refund of their tickets. In this way, we were able to collect 70,000 euros and help 56 people and two associations.


War has been raging in Ukraine for weeks, bringing with it unimaginable human suffering. We also want to set a sign against violence and for peace and express our solidarity with different initiatives:

For more than two weeks, the ensembles of CATS and MISS SAIGON have been collecting money every evening after the performances at Raimund Theater and Ronacher to support people in need due to the current situation in Ukraine. In the meantime, more than € 50.000 could be collected through the association "VBW hilft Menschen in Notsituationen".

The donations will benefit the people in Ukraine via the association "VBW helps people in need" of the "Stankt Barbara Kirche", the "Caritas" for emergency aid and "Nachbar in Not".

Through the Federal Agency for Care and Support Services, we are providing two theater apartments for Ukrainian refugees. The application process for this is already underway. All rent and utility costs for the apartments will be covered by VBW hilft.

Donations received through "VBW hilft" will be used 100% for the benefit of the above-mentioned institutions and initiatives.

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VBW helps people in emergency situations
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